Drawing of Arnemuiden, Zeeland


Megadutch Web Design derives its name from the fact that the proprietor's roots are in the Netherlands.


Above is a drawing of Arnemuiden, the home town of the propritor's father, located in Southwest Holland.


"You can tell the Dutch, but you can't tell them much."



[Typical Dutch Windmill]Your organization needs to be on the World Wide Web

Mega Dutch Web Design offers web design and maintenance at a reasonable price to assist small non-profits and small businesses who do not have a budget for an Information Technology Department

  • Request for changes are made in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Pricing is based on a sliding scale.
  • Friendly customer support.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.


    Testimonial from a satisfied customer

    "John Denooyer, proprietor of MegaDutch Web Design, has been both responsive and expansive in working with SHSC on our web site. That is, John listens closely to what we need and he also educates us about more possibilities and options than we even know to ask for! He has been very helpful as our ongoing webmaster, often reminding us about opportunities to use our site in ways that we hadn’t considered.  We highly recommend him."

    Julia Sterkosky -
    Executive Director of the Seattle Human Services Coalition.

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